Frequently Asked Questions

Theatrical-At-Home is a filmmaker-built viewing platform which was created specifically to support filmmakers and their partners during the COVID crisis.

When you buy virtual tickets through Theatrical-At-Home, proceeds from all sales go directly to filmmakers and their partners (theaters, festivals, & organizations) through revenue sharing and real-time data transparency.


Background: On March 20, all theaters closed on the same day that indie comedy, Phoenix, Oregon, was also slated for a national theatrical release. The filmmakers had one week advance notice to pivot.

Producer, Annie Lundgren (Joma Films), built this platform as a way to share Phoenix, Oregon with audiences while at the same time splitting revenues with the indie theaters who had taken a chance on the film.

The response and love during that first month - from both customers and theaters - was astounding. And thus, Theatrical-At-Home was born to continue to facilitate online sharing between audiences, curators and indie filmmakers.

Most of the films on this platform will go on to have full, worldwide digital distribution on all major platforms sometime within the next 12-18 months, but your support now during this pre-release viewing period gives the filmmakers a huge boost when theaters are not yet open at full capacity.

Thank you for supporting indie film!

Yes! If you would like to test your viewing experience and TV mirroring, please click here to play a test video on our streaming service. This will allow you to get comfortable with streaming before purchase and make sure that your device & TV configuration is compatible with our video host. Feel free to email support with any streaming questions.

Most customers are able to mirror (screencast) to their TV through Apple TV AirPlay or Chromecast as long as the device and TV are on the same network. From your Safari or Chrome browser on your phone or computer, click on the mirroring button in the lower right corner of the video.

If you have not purchased the film and would like to test the video player, click here to test the streaming player.

You may have to research your specific device & TV configuration. If you have never mirrored to your TV, some TVs require you to enter a code to connect your device.

Some customers prefer to connect their device to the TV using an HDMI cable.

Please note:

  • Mirroring is not available on Roku. Casting to Roku TVs is best accomplished with an HDMI cable.
  • There have been a few incidents where customers have had issues with a newer model Samsung TV.

Some of the films are watermarked due to their distribution status. Doing a brief digital release in partnership with theaters is unprecedented and is a direct result of COVID. Some films have a requirement to include a watermark during this pre-release period so as to not jeopardize future distribution deals which they hope to secure within the next 12-18 months on all major platforms.

You will receive an email confirming your order with a screening link immediately after purchase. Please check your junk mail folder. Occasionally these emails get caught in spam blockers, so if you don't receive the link, please email support, and we will look up your order right away!

The video hosting backend is JW Player, and the player delivers at a varying speed based on the end-user internet connection. While rare, occasionally users experience video buffering issues with the player.

If you are having trouble loading the video file, please try any of these troubleshooting tips:

  • reload the page
  • click the settings gear icon in the lower right corner to change the resolution (Chrome browsers only)
  • restart WiFi
  • if you are casting to the TV, try connecting via HDMI cable
  • try an alternate browser or device to check the connection

While our video player works well for most customers, occasionally that is not the case.

If your viewing experience is in any way unsatisfactory, please let us know, and we will issue a refund immediately.

If you need help or need more time to view, please feel free to request an extension to your viewing link by contacting

Yes, as long as you live in the U.S. or Canada. Once a ticket is purchased, we will send you the screening link. Thank you for supporting theaters and festivals from wherever you live! Note that some films geo-block by state, and if so, that will be noted on the purchase page.

For most films, you’ll have 48 hours to watch. Your link expires 2 days from purchase at 11:59PM PT. If for any reason you have trouble or cannot access the film during this period, just email us, and we'll extend your link.

For screening events (like Film Festival Day or Takeout & A Movie), please check the film page for viewing times. Films are usually available for 2-10 day periods.